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Aviation Consulting Group - UK ACG-UK Provides Global Aviation Industry Solutions

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Market Research and Feasibility Studies

These have been carried out for airlines entering new markets in both the passenger and… READ MORE

Traffic Analysis and Forecasting

Studies have been carried out for airlines, airports, tourism agencies and other aviation related companies… READ MORE

Expert Advice on Airline Route Planning, Fleet Planning and Economic Modelling

Advice has been provided for airlines on all aspects of airline planning, including detailed route… READ MORE

Low Cost and Hybrid Airline Methodology and Economic Modelling

Work in this field has been for investor groups setting up LCC’s as well as… READ MORE

Industry Benchmarking and Performance Improvement

Benchmarking has been carried out for airlines, government agencies, MRO companies and airport authorities. Techniques… READ MORE

Expert Advice on Corporate and Industrial Strategy

Studies have been carried out for airlines, OEM’s, tourism agencies, government agencies, development banks, investment… READ MORE

Preparation of Corporate and Business Plans

Business planning has been carried out for start up airlines,airports, investor groups and investment banks… READ MORE

Costing and Revenue Studies

These studies involve – macro top down ASK matching, age profile monitoring, DOC analysis, pax… READ MORE

Environmental Impact and Emissions Compliance

This subject addresses a broad range of topics associated with the environment and corporate social… READ MORE

Airport Development and Competitive Marketing Strategies

Studies have been carried out for airports, civil aviation authorities, governments and investment banks involved… READ MORE

Training Seminars & Workshops for Airline & Aviation Industry Management

Specialised training and management development is carried out for middle to senior level staff of… READ MORE

Air Cargo Forecasting and Market Studies

Is carried out for all participants in the air cargo industry including aircraft leasing and… READ MORE

Aircraft Leasing and Air Finance Studies

Is carried out for airlines based on sources of capital, lease definitions, aircraft values, asset… READ MORE

Welcome to

Aviation Consulting Group

It is a leading aviation and aerospace industry management consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

Since 1993, airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, academic institutions, financial institutions, governments, international agencies and investors, have relied on the insight and expertise of ACG-UK aviation consultants.

Our products and services are designed to fulfil the requirements of executives, strategic planners, market researchers, government officials and any one else that needs to be kept abreast of the latest trends and opportunities in the international aviation business.