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ACG-UK has over 15 years of experience of working with international clients in both the developed and developing worlds. It is a specialist in issues relating to airlines, airports, aerospace, aircraft finance and regulation. It has built up considerable experience on topics such as market research, forecasting, business planning, fleet planning and more recently on the increasingly important subject of environmental issues and how these affect aviation. Some assignments are relatively small and require less than a week of consultancy. Others are on-going and have resulted in a relationships extending over several years.

The list of satisfied and repeat clients includes passenger and cargo airlines, large and small airports, government regulatory agencies, aircraft manufacturers, financial institutions, investors, and suppliers to the aviation industry.

In the field of airline planning, ACG-UK has carried out studies for start-up airlines in Africa, Asia and Western Europe, made a diagnostic review of a major airline based in Latin America, assisted with long-term planning for an important European long-haul airline. Set up an independent faculty on airline fleet planning for a major aircraft manufacturer, studied low fare airlines for the Swedish CAA. It has also worked on network optimization and on performance improvement programs for established carriers. It has studied – and made recommendations – about the regulatory frameworks necessary to ensure that the benefits of air transport services are extended to remote communities.

ACG-UK has a long track record of carrying out market research and conducting evaluation studies associated with the search for new business opportunities in aviation. While some of these have involved ideas for new passenger airlines, others have focused on opportunities within the cargo industry, including airlines, freight forwarding, storage, ground handling and trucking. ACG-UK has reviewed the market for maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as niche markets for business jets and specialist charters.

As part of its work on the environment, in March 2008 it presented a seminar for the board of a major airline on the background to — and the implications of — the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. This was followed by consultancy advice on the design and implementation of an environmental strategy for the airline. It continues to provide on-going advice on the monitoring, reporting and verification process associated with preparing for the introduction of the ETS in 2012.

ACG-UK carries out the majority of the consultancy assignments directly for the client. Others have been completed in conjunction with Cranfield University UK, IOS Partners USA, Stephen Shaw and Associates, and Professor Rigas Doganis and Associates.

Examples of recent consultancy assignments have included:

  • A project is been initiated with the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft in The Netherlands and the University of South Wales in the UK to create a Center of Excellence in Unmanned Cargo Aircraft in Wales

  • A market research and feasibility study was carried out in 2017 for a potential start up airline in Asia

  • In 2016 – working with Malaysia Industrial Development Authority to get projects started in the field of the International Aerospace Industry Supply Chain. Developing route strategies for an European airline to further widen the network into the Middle East and Asia Pacific markets. Project with The University of Twente in The Netherlands on developing unmanned cargo aircraft. ACG-UK are studying the market feasibility of this project.

  • In 2015 carried out a major project for the Ministry of Transport Malaysia by organising the first ever ASEAN AVIATION SUMMIT which was held during the LIMA Aerospace Show in Malaysia. This focus was the civil aviation industry and all stakeholders including the airlines, airports, OEM’s, MRO’s and civil aviation training. This was a C-Suite event with Transport Ministers from the various ASEAN countries attending.

  • Business development is been carried out in 2013 for the University of Glamorgan in the UK to further develop their portfolio of aviation industry academic products and services. A project is been carried out for the university to offer teaching of ‘Technical Aviation English’ which is now regulated by ICAO for operational aviation staff.

  • Expert advice and consultancy was provided during 2010 and 2011 and 2012 to the University of Glamorgan in the UK to develop and expand academic excellence in the field of aerospace. This resulted in the opening of a purpose built Aerospace Centre with a Jetstream 31 aircraft for the training of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers according to EASA Part 147 standards.

  • Business plans were prepared in 2010 for a UK regional airport to successfully apply for local government funding for runway improvement.

  • An environmental impact study was carried out in 2009 for a top tier aircraft paint and coatings manufacturer to determine the effects of new aircraft paints and coatings on aircraft fuel burn and environmental aspects. The research study focused on developing new aircraft coatings which would increase profitability for the airlines by reducing drag and aircraft washing. This would result in increasing payload and decreasing carbon emissions.

  • A study carried out in 2008 of the market of the regulatory framework, and of the strategies of the Chinese airlines to identify the reasons why there are so few modern turboprop aircraft in service or on order.

  • A study of the international air cargo market in 2007 for a major listed corporate client based in Asia.

  • Comparisons of the costs of conventional, low cost and charter airlines within five EU countries. This work was originally carried out for the Swedish CAA in 2001, but has been up-dated every year since, with the latest report covering 2008. A related study of the costs of cargo airlines was carried out in 2003.

  • On-going consultancy for a small airport in the UK seeking to develop as a centre for general aviation and as a business park. The assignment has focused on developing a business strategy, preparing a detailed business plan and working with local development agencies to access regional development funds.

  • A study and benchmarking exercise carried out in 2007 and 2008 for an airport authority and development agency in Asia covering the development of aeroparks / technology parks and aerospace clusters in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Forecasts of the future market and technological risks associated with the mid-sized widebodies, including the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, for a potential lessor.

  • Modelling of the effects of capping the emissions from air transport on traffic growth and the composition of the world fleet. This forward-looking study was carried out in 2007 for a major airport operator.

  • A study of the global market for maintenance, repair and overhaul for the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT).

  • Fleet planning for a rapidly growing airline based in the Former Soviet Union facing particular challenges associated with aircraft performance, runway strength, reserves and the availability of diversion airfields.

  • Modelling of airline networks and fleets and then the preparation of traffic forecasts and aircraft delivery forecasts for the period 2001- 2021 for Africa and the Middle East. The work was carried out for Embraer, the leading manufacturer of regional jets, in 2000 and was followed by a similar study in 2001.

  • Advice and consultancy on networks and traffic flows for a large, independent, long-haul airline based in Europe during the preparation of its 5-year corporate plan covering the years 2000-2005.

  • Traffic forecasts and survey of airline opinions related to the building of a second runway at Manchester International Airport (With Cranfield University)

  • Forecasts for all categories of traffic at all the major airports in Argentina up to the year 2028 as part of the process of preparing an Investors Memorandum prior to privatization. This work was carried out for the Government of Argentina in 1997 with Cranfield University and UBS.

  • Collection of industry opinions on the future needs of air transport, business aviation and recreational flying as in-puts to the County Structure Plan, commissioned by Hampshire County Council in 1996.

  • An evaluation of the effects of air transport liberalization and the creation of the Single Market in air transport within the EU. This was carried out with Cranfield University in 1996 for the European Commission (DG 15).

In addition to its consultancy activities, ACG-UK has organized management training courses, seminars or workshops for:

Aerospace Wales Forum, Arab Air Carriers Association, CAAC (China), Cranfield University, Embraer Aircraft, Emirates Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Export Development Board (Singapore), London City University, London Westminster University, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysian Industry Group for High Technology (Govt. Malaysia),Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, Nigeria Airways, PMB (Holding Company of MAS), Rolls-Royce, Royal Brunei Airlines, Stork / Fokker Services (Holland), Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International,Tianjin Nankai University, Tunis Air and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.